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Ellen Weldon
n the 6th grade Ellen Weldon received her first and only "F"...  in handwriting.
Determined this would never happen again, Ellen taught herself calligraphy and continued perfecting her skills through her studies as a studio art major at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. After graduation, at an appointment to present her designs to Tiffany & Co., she was told the cards were not their style. A naïve but determined Ellen walked the few blocks south to Cartier, introduced herself to the first person she saw, and insisted they look at the designs in her portfolio. As luck would have it, this person turned out to be the renowned head of the stationery department who offered Ellen a job, beginning her professional career as an illustrator and calligrapher. While at Cartier, her skills became known to Mrs. Estée Lauder who invited her to work at the Estée Lauder Company and for her personally.

After several years at Estée Lauder and with Mrs. Lauder as her first client, Ellen ventured out
on her own and formed Ellen Weldon Design, LLC, pioneering the field of custom invitations. Through word of mouth, clients from New York City and soon, the world, engaged Ellen’s services to create increasingly elaborate, highly personalized invitations for their most important events. From the unique vantage point of over 25 years’ experience, Ellen is the “go-to” expert for her etiquette advice and invitation tips.

While working with a discerning clientele and maintaining a demanding schedule, Ellen finds time to teach calligraphy to school children in the NYC area, hoping to spark a life-long love of lettering in our next generation. She also enthusiastically supports several charitable organizations, including Materials for the Arts, The Center for Book Arts, Maria Droste Counseling Center, New York’s Animal Medical Center, and Sanctuary For Families, where she was honored with the “Pillars Of Change” award in 2012.
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